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About Us

I2S soft was established in 1996 by Edward Mateja who from the beginning placed a bet on the newest technologies.

Whether it be a personal home page, a corporate site requiring complicated programming, numerous pages, animation, real audio, real video, or internet site hosting, I2S soft can handle the task ...That's what we do!

We generate solutions that provide a fusion of business practices and technology strategies. We complement high technology skills and focus on business solutions with process frameworks and applications outsourcing competence. Over the years, we have grown rapidly, providing our clients seamless and cost-effective access to the best IT talent and processes globally. Our integrated network of development facilities is complemented by onsite, offsite and near-shore capabilities in major international markets.

Our technical skills:

Internet Experience
PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, JavaScript, DOM, JSP, Servlets, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, Web Services, Flash

Programming Languages
Delphi 7.0, Visual Basic, Visual Studio .NET , Kylix , Java , C# , C/C++

MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access,PostgreSQL, Interbase

Data access technologies
ADO, ODBC, dbexpress, DAO

Operation systems
Windows, Linux, Windows CE, Windows 2000 Server, PocketPC

Other technologies
COM+, services

News & events

CMS system (31/05/2007)
There is new version of our CMS system.

Gallery module (05/06/2007)
We have just finished developing the next module of our CMS system - Gallery Module

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